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Centurion VIP Personal Business Coaching and Consulting
Are you an action taker that wants to fast track your business results?
  •  Have Glen, a talented business coach in Perth, personally work with you in your business.
  •  Get real results from proven personal experience and one-on-one business coaching. 
  •  Work alongside a powerful driven team. 
  •  Covering all facets of business and lifestyle growth.
Become a MOBS VIP Centurian
Are You a Few Turns of the Dial Away From Dominating Your Industry?
A few small things make the difference between an Olympic gold medallist and the rest of the pack – and it’s the same with any business. You might be doing 90% of what’s necessary and always stay in the pack, always just a few turns of the dial away from dominating your industry and crushing your competition… But what are the adjustments you have to make? How do you know what to do?

The harsh truth is that being a business owner can be one of the loneliest jobs in the world. Most people don’t understand you and can’t relate to your dreams and desires. Everybody has some advice for you, but most of it is based on nothing more than a perception. 

When you join the Titans Centurion VIP Personal Coaching, our small business coaching services will provide you with real advice from personal experience – You’ll have a chance to work alongside a Business Management Coach who has your best interests at heart. 

Your business is a serious investment for you – often with your family’s livelihood riding on it – and we want to ensure that you have every chance of succeeding and prospering.
Having the Right Information Is Important
One of the biggest problems most business owners have is, not knowing who they can trust to provide honest and knowledgeable information about how to successfully grow their business. This can make choosing a small business mentoring service difficult.

And even more important to ensure the complete picture is taken into account, not at the long-term expense of:
  •  Family
  •  Relationships
  •  Fun/ Recreation
  •  Finances/ Wealth
  •  Personal Growth
Our commitment is to provide you with a personal custom holistic plan, incorporating the essential elements and guidance that allows you every opportunity to be Successful in what you want to achieve, as your welfare is our Highest concern.
Track Record
An Important distinction is that Glen is a Holistic Entrepreneur and Business Coaching Growth Specialist, he does not just teach strategies from a hand manual.

His experience comes from being in the trenches just like you. He’s had over 20 Years’ experience running, and building businesses from the ground up. 

You get to leverage from Glen’s successes, lessons and mistakes in business and importantly the secrets he learned from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. 

This is an extremely powerful package when Glen works with you, he goes all in – training you on his high-end tools strategies and innovation. Glen only takes on 5 applicants per year with this program. (So there may be a waiting list)
The Centurion Process.
You need a simple, easy to understand way to move to your ultimate goals, dreams, and desires.
1. After you take up the opportunity we get started right away.

2. I help you get clear on what you want, why it’s so important and, crystallise your desired results.

3. We come up with a customised blueprint plan forward for you and your business.

4. We break down that plan into milestones or bite sized chunks that are achievable and obtainable.

5. We deploy the strategies sequentially.

6. We hold you accountable and stretch you to operate outside the box and achieve the results you want.

7. We meet once per week in person or communicate via Skype, phone, and email.

8. You Get the results in your Life and business.
Here’s What This Will do For You.
1. You will learn the confidence and mindset to take you and your business to the next level.

2. You will commit serious time and effort towards your worthy ideal.

3. You will create a marketing and business system blueprint.

4. You will re-engineer your business and lifestyle to move forward faster and easier.

5. You will use all of the Innovation strategies to create a repeatable process that produces predictable results.

6. You will go after your dream clients with a high intensity.

7. You will become the (Maven of your industry) industry expert and trusted, adviser.

8. You will learn to be an expert marketer, innovator and growth strategist in your own right.

9. You will work towards balancing up in all areas of your life

10. You will learn a unique skill set that can be applied to many other opportunities.

11. You will put in the effort required to become extremely successful.
What to Do Next…
If you have been searching for a reliable, dependable and honest team to help you get to the next level… Then your search ends here with us! Step forward and take action on your future today. We look forward to working with you and helping you to make your dreams a reality.

Click the Button for your NO COST, NO STRINGS attached Alignment Questionnaire, to determine if you qualify for this powerful package. 

Or if you want to learn more click on the free training
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